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Client Guide

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

I know we are sick to death of hearing Covid updates from every single business. This one is a little because it's all about what YOU need to in order to be able to come for your treatment.

The safety of YOU!!, my other clients, and my Dad during his cancer treatment 🖤 is super important. For this reason, when I re-open, I'm going to be OVER cautious during "relaxing of restrictions" I need you to play a role. If I'm being completely honest my Dads Drs are scared of a normal cold or flu for him right now but the new rules from the government help a lot with that as well & I really don't want to get fined.

Please read carefully and adhere to the following:

Dads nurse helped him take a selfie🤣 I am starting to regret teaching him how to use Facebook🤣

*you will need to fill out the COVID Safe Client form 📝 before you enjoy your treatment. A link will be sent as a text message 1 or 2 days before your appointment is due to take place. Let me know if you have any issues accessing it or you don't get one because I missed my send out forms reminder alarm⏰

*Only you can be present for the appointment. Please do not bring your children, a friend or partner to your treatment as per WA requirements. You can find some extra info here for if the unavoidable happens and you need to have your little plus 1 with you.

*Please double-check the date of your appointment 📆 before you leave home. With having to book a time so far in advance it can be easy to get confused about what you have actually clicked on. You will find the info in your confirmation SMS and email.

*Try to come to your appointment as close to ON TIME ⏰ as you can. If you are early, please wait in your car until your booking time. Most people park at the end of the driveway near my door. You can always SMS on 0475306444 to see if everything is clean & I don't have another person inside. I will endeavour to run on time during this busy period and will contact you if I am running late. I get a little bit flustered if my cleaning solutions aren't dry yet and I cant offer you a place to sit to wait.

*It takes a little bit longer for me to answer the door at the moment because I have a few extra steps to do before I let you in.

*Please sanitise your hands immediately when you walk into the Salon (even if you have just done it I will give you a squirt)

*The products and items in the Salon now have to be NO TOUCH items as per WA regulations. Please ask for help if you need to purchase your favourite products. I'm giving you 25% off all skincare in stock as a welcome out of lockdown 🙌

*With having to go without treatments for so long your first visit back will be more difficult than usual & will take up all of the time listed when you book, sometimes running longer. So that I can make sure that I do a really good job & because changing how we are allowed to do things has meant that I have altered treatment processes & I haven't mastered them all at high speed yet. I still have to think about what I'm touching and where I can put it now. If you have plans for after you come in or are on a time limit let me know and I can try my best for you but expect it to not take the usual time. If you need me to estimate the length of your treatment before you visit you can sms me⌚

*I am allowing time between every client to do an intense clean of surfaces equipment and touchpoints, including a sanitisation (with alcohol) and sterilisation or disposal of equipment and items. The poor environment ♻️ this does add extra costs to my business but I am endeavouring not raising my prices beyond what they have always been listed as.

*I would appreciate it if you could visit your bathroom at home before your treatment (when you can). I intend to disinfect it entirely after every single use. It will take up a lot of time and resources ♻ that we could minimise if those that CAN please go at home first!

*if you are using my bathroom, please take some time to wipe down the areas used or touched with the provided alcohol wipe before you exit.

*When in the treatment room, please pay attention to where I ask you to put your bits and pieces and any special instructions I might have that are a little different.

*THEN: Relax and enjoy your treatment! I am confident I can do the same fabulous service and we will have a great time in a healthy! Safe! Government Approved✔ fashion

*Refrain from touching any items and pay using Contactless Eftpos whenever possible. I also have AfterPay & LayBuy set up for you 🙌. If you would prefer to bring the exact amount quoted in the online booking you can but I am avoiding handling change (I'm bad at math as it is 🤣)

*Lastly: the running of a business and in turn keeping said business afloat in a Countrywide shut down is a formidable feat. Thank you for your support and all the extra love I've received 🖤 and for trusting me to look after you during this strange time.

You can log in to your account to check out the improved system & manage your appointments here 📅

I've also made a 60-second video on how to use the login feature here 😀

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