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Extra Info for Parents

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Juggling everything as a parent would be hard at the moment. I will never be able to understand because I don't have kids, but it doesn't look easy. The government guidelines have recommended that if you CAN try to plan not to bring children to your appointment, but I get that its not something that you can control. If things fall through with babysitting, I have made sure that I can still have you both come to your appointment without breaking any rules✔

For my Dad, the more significant risk is normal bugs and the common cold during his treatment & its been recommended that he reduces contact even with his grandkids. So I would love it if plan A would be attending alone, but I have made sure that we are all set if plan B occurs, so you don't have to cancel your treatment while already so busy.

If you could let me know if you are bringing your little person that would be great. You can SMS 0475306444 that way I can give my next client a heads up that I might run late for their treatment to allow for extra cleaning of touchpoints and other unplanned events.

They will have to join us in the treatment room for your visit. I measured my room and its big enough for the 3 of us to be in there without breaking any rules. I hope that soon they can go back to being able to watch TV in my living room with my stash of toys like my pre-Covid setup. I will let you know when we are allowed to be more normal again.

If you are uncomfortable with having your treatment while they are present, some of my mum clients leave them in the car with all of their bits and pieces. We open the window so you can see them at the end of my driveway and they honk the horn if they want you, but this is entirely down to you and your preference and what you feel is best.

I have created a special Covid Health Form for your plus 1. It allows us to keep the contact tracing records required without them needing to have their own phone number and you can enter in yours for them along with their name & address & recent health details. I can SMS this to you to try to be paperless and save some trees ♻

My WIFI password is 34953150

if it helps you to arrive a few minutes early and connect it up to any devices before you come in so that you know that they will be happy and entertained while I look after you. If your devices are busy or unavailable I don't currently have and kids apps installed on my Ipad (I don't know what's cool now🤣) if you let me know beforehand, I can try to install one for you that you recommend helping us have a more relaxing time.

While entirely unpredictable if you can try to get them to use the bathroom before you leave home, that would be wonderful, but my bathroom is set up with the required signs and supplies if they need it while you are here.

I have made sure that I have disposable cups available in case they need water and do have a little stash of individually sealed snacks for my nieces if it would help ease any tension during your treatment. Still, I am not quite prepared for an EpiPen if there are any allergies 😱

If you have any other ideas or feedback PLEASE do let me know. I have tried to think of as much as I can to be helpful, but without being or planning to be a Mum I will never have a full grasp on what you would need or what would help. You can email me ideas anytime at, or SMS me on 0475406444 🖤

The original Client Guide can be found here and will be adapted as best we can for you 🙌

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