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What is a micro current non surgical facelift?

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Tuart Hill Beauty Salon Facelift

The non surgical face lift treatments that I perform use a micro current to cause an involuntary muscular contraction to particular facial muscle groups to cause a lifting effect. It’s like a gym workout for your skin. The immediate effect is a visible tightening of the facial muscles that looks similar to a facelift.

As electrical current passes through the muscles it also increases circulation to the facial tissue oxygenating the skin and helping to provide nutrients to skin.

Perth Micro Current Facial

The micro current causes a sensation similar to a buzzing and you can feel the contraction of the facial muscles. It is not a painful treatment but it does feel quite strange.

Most clients have a course of 6-10 treatments every 2 weeks to re-educate the facial muscles.

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